Globus Medical, Inc

COALITION MIS® is designed to facilitate easy insertion with unimpeded visualization of the disc space. The spacer accommodates traditional screws and/or innovative curved anchors delivered inline, eliminating the need for angled instruments, particularly at the upper and lower cervical levels where patient anatomy can be challenging.

  • Inline Integrated Fixation Innovative instruments facilitate simple insertion even in challenging patient anatomy.
  • Intraoperative Versatility The spacer accommodates COALITION MIS® anchors and/or screws, providing multiple options to secure it to adjacent vertebral bodies.
  • Biomechanical Stability Biomechanical cadaveric testing showed no significant difference between two COALITION MIS® screw constructs and a 2-level cervical plate and spacer construct.*
  • SintrOS™ Surface Technology COALITION MIS® titanium spacers feature SintrOS™, a surface technology designed to enhance expulsion resistance and encourage cellular activity at the bone interface.
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