Minimally Invasive
Globus Medical, Inc

CREO MIS® is a posterior percutaneous stabilization system featuring extended screw heads. This system provides the same strength and rigidity as CREO®, allowing for manipulation and deformity correction. Globus Medical and the MIS Fixation Team are pleased to announce the addition of CREO MIS® HA-Coated Screws to the CREO MIS® Platform. HA-Coated Screws are designed to enhance fixation while performing a MIS procedure. These screws may be useful for revision surgeries or for patients with weak or osteoporotic bone. These Screws Feature: - Hydroxyapatite (HA) coating to enhance fixation - Cannulation for MIS approach - ±30° angulation (60° total) for intraoperative versatility

  • Minimized Muscle Disruption: Extended screw heads provide a minimized outer diameter to help reduce muscle disruption and screw sleeve interference.
  • Powerful MIS Correction: Deformity adapters rigidly attach to the extended screw head to allow for screw manipulation and deformity correction.
  • Integrated Rod Reduction: Ensures proper thread alignment while capturing, reducing, and locking the rod in one simplified step.
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