FORGE® Oblique Spacer

Intervertebral Fusion
Globus Medical, Inc

FORGE® Oblique Allograft Spacer is a cortical spacer designed to provide a natural option for transforaminal lumbar fusion. This spacer is available in multiple sagittal profiles and heights to accommodate varying patient anatomy and optimize fit. The FORGE® system is designed to be used with innovative instruments to streamline the procedure.

  • Precisely Machined for Strength and Fit: Designed to support lumbar loads while maximizing surface contact between the graft and vertebral endplates.
  • Gradual Bone Incorporation: Cortical composition provides a load-bearing scaffold that can be slowly resorbed and simultaneously replaced by the patient’s own bone.
  • Sterile-Packed in Freeze-Dried Form: Packaging provides compact storage and easy shipping.
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