Intervertebral Fusion
Globus Medical, Inc

The FORTIFY® adjustable corpectomy spacer streamlines vertebral body replacement through the desired approach and provides a multitude of options designed to restore height, alignment and stability. FORTIFY® is available in a wide variety of footprints, heights, lordotic/kyphotic angles, and can accommodate various approaches. In addition, FORTIFY® provides one step insertion-expansion with automatic locking to simplify the technique. PEEK or titanium materials, maximized expansion ranges, and modular endplates allow surgeons to customize each implant for their patient.

  • Postoperative Visualization: Radiolucent PEEK implant option for improved visualization and a modulus of elasticity closer to bone.
  • Optimized Fit: Maximized expansion range and a wide variety of sagittal profiles and footprints ensure an optimized fit.
  • One Step Insertion: One holder for implant insertion and expansion with automatic locking simplifies the technique.
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