Intervertebral Fusion
Globus Medical, Inc

SUSTAIN® O is an interbody fusion device made from radiolucent polymer (PEEK), and is available with titanium plasma spray (TPS) coating, designed to combine radiolucency with a titanium interface. The rounded corners, grip-style connection and robust implant holder allow control during insertions and positioning. The anterior portion of the implant has a tapered leading edge for ease of insertion. The inferior and superior surfaces of the implant feature teeth to resist expulsion To accommodate varying patient anatomy, SUSTAIN® O is offered in several height, width, and length configurations.

  • Ease of insertion: The tapered leading edge eases insertion and rounded corners allow rotation while inserting the implant
  • Grip-style connection: Controls implant positioning
  • Numerous footprint and height options: Accommodate varying patient anatomy
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