Minimally Invasive
Globus Medical, Inc

MARS™3VL is a low-profile linear retractor system designed to facilitate easier and more controlled access. Its simplified design and enhanced functionality allow surgeons to focus more on surgery and less on setup.

  • Versatility: Designed for faster, easier, and more controlled access to the disc space, MARS™3VL allows for posterior blade retraction as well as anterior movement of the cephalad/caudal blades from one docking point.
  • Variability: Tailored to accommodate various surgeon preferences, the MARS™3VL retractor frame accommodates either a 13mm inner diameter (ID) three-bladed construct or a 22mm ID two-bladed split tube construct.
  • Visibility: Radiolucent blades securely attach to the stainless steel frame providing the perfect combination of strength and visibility under fluoroscopy.
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