MARS™ Midline Retractor

Minimally Invasive
Globus Medical, Inc

The MARS™ Midline Retractor is a low-profile, fully customizable retractor system designed to enable optimal access and visibility for direct decompression, cortical screw fixation, and interbody fusion through the single, small incision of the CentraLIF™ procedure. MARS™ Midline Retractor

  • Optimal Access and Visualization: The MARS Midline Retractor enables ideal blade positioning to provide optimal access and visualization for direct decompression.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for faster, easier, more controlled access, the MARS™ Midline Retractor features multiple blade geometries that attach in situ from an inline approach at any desired angle.
  • Muscle Sparing Approach: The CentraLIF™ procedure utilizes a single midline incision, allowing for minimal tissue disruption thus sparing of the multifidus muscle and other surrounding anatomy.
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