Minimally Invasive
Globus Medical, Inc

CREO MCS® revolutionizes patient care by providing enhanced cortical screw fixation that pairs well with Globus Medical’s advanced interbody fusion technology and uses a simple minimally invasive midline surgical approach. CREO MCS® screws are designed based on morphometry and the cortical trajectory. The screws provide enhanced bone fixation and 33% more threads per inch than traditional pedicle screws, to maximize purchase in cortical bone. Featuring a Dual Outer Diameter thread profile and an increased core diameter, CREO MCS® screws capitalize on wider posterior anatomy and optimize strength in the midline cortical trajectory.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach: CREO MCS® utilizes a surgical approach which allows for minimal tissue and muscle distraction, sparing the multifidus and other surrounding anatomy.
  • Enhanced Fixation: CREO MCS® screws feature a Dual Outer Diameter and cortical thread pitch to provide a better anatomical fit and enhanced fixation.
  • Maximized Modularity: CREO MCS® allows screw heads to be attached in situ following decompression, for improved visualization in the surgical field.
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