Minimally Invasive
Globus Medical, Inc

RISE®-L is an expandable lateral lumbar fusion device that offers up to 7mm of expansion coupled with a large graft chamber and the ability to introduce autogenous bone graft in situ.

  • Minimize Impaction: RISE®-L is inserted at a reduced height to minimize impaction and preserve endplate integrity.
  • Maximize Indirect Decompression: RISE®-L offers controlled, continuous expansion to aid in restoring disc height and maximize indirect decompression.
  • Optimize Fusion: RISE®-L’s large continuous graft chamber, combined with the ability to introduce additional bone graft in situ, is designed to optimize fusion potential. The titanium implant provides continuous in situ expansion and is designed to restore disc height with proper anatomical fit. Available in multiple sizes, in parallel or lordotic profiles, RISE®-L provides options to address proper sagittal balance. A large, single graft chamber can be filled with autogenous bone graft material after insertion and expansion.
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